The platform gathers stars and assigns them to be instructors. We provide the most practical courses, the most professional artists training. The teaching model is adopted to launch webcast courses and provide students with professional, top-notch, artist courses. Outstanding trainees will have the opportunity to attend a concert performed by the stars.

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Singer Zhang Qige serves as the star tutor of "Color World", and the new song recording is expected to be released this year

color star, 01/11/2021 admin

As a diversified entertainer in the entertainment industry, Zhang Qige made her debut as a singer. With her mellow singing skills and stunning dance styles, she has always attracted attention. She has been dubbed the "Queen of Electric Butts". Since last year, she has been invited to become a global celebrity instructor of the cultural and entertainment sharing platform "Color World" APP shares her most professional vocal music and dance to members and fans who like her and love music and dance.


TaYou Lo’s concert will land in “Color World”, experience his unchanging belief of music

color star, 01/04/2021 admin

A year ago, a sudden epidemic brought us a great negative impact. At this time when the epidemic gradually eased, senior music creator TaYou Lo and the team discussed repeatedly and decided to start with "Yi Hua Tung Lu” Online Concert to restart the warmest exchanges between people, people and the land. Today, this musical journey that awakens the soul and the original heart has officially landed in “Color World” to let the most beautiful notes be delivered to the world, telling everyone: We are together, heart to heart, and never give up.


Color Star Technology reached a cooperation with the UAE company to help the "Color World" international version of the APP to go online

color star, 01/04/2021 admin

The new year has finally arrived. Color Star Technology (Nasdaq code: CSCW hereinafter referred to as: Color Star) and its subsidiary Color China have also brought full blessings to everyone here, and I wish you all: Happy New Year, Good health and family happiness.


Color Star Technology(Nasdaq code:CSCW), is an entertainment and education company whose primary business offers both online and offline innovative music education. The core content of "star online + entertainment teaching" offers the largest variety of stars and a rich entertainment teaching experience. By registering online, you can select your favorite tutors to conduct accurate and efficient learning. Color Star delivers a world-class online entertainment learning experience.

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Our mission is to offer students with the most professional artists training.


Hold Concerts

The company has its own Asia's top music festival brand "Color International Music Festival", and the company and its partners hold more than 150 star concerts every year.


Branches All over the World

The headquarter is located in Hong Kong, with branches in Beijing, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shandong, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, and other places.


Minutes per Lesson

The average class duration is more than 40 minutes.


Class Categories

We provide more than 6 different class categories, covering all aspects of entertainment. music film performance music production script creation lyric professional sound engineer courses