The platform gathers stars and assigns them to be instructors. We provide the most practical courses, the most professional artists training. The teaching model is adopted to launch webcast courses and provide students with professional, top-notch, artist courses. Outstanding trainees will have the opportunity to attend a concert performed by the stars.

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Color World Technology Co., Ltd. (Nasdaq CM: HHT) Market Future Potential

NEW YORK, 09/18/2020 Admin

According to the statistics of iResearch, the online education market size in the first quarter of 2020 has declined year-on-year. It is estimated that the online education market size in Q1 will be 68.06 billion yuan, and the scale will gradually rise in the next three quarters. In Q1, K12 training was squeezed out of time by public school online courses and free classes. In addition, language and study abroad examinations were postponed and cancelled. This category was also affected. It is expected to rise to 85.41 billion yuan in the second quarter.


Color World Announces Debut of the Color World App After its Online Concert Becomes Part of Music History

NEW YORK, 09/14/2020 Admin

NEW YORK, Sept. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Color Star Technology Co., Ltd. (Nasdaq CM: HHT) (the "Company", "we" or "HHT") officially broadcasted the Color World Online Concert to audiences around the globe via its official platform "Color World" at 9 pm Eastern Time on September 9th. The Color World Online Concert attracted over half a million viewers from mainland China and all over the world. Global Social media networks reached over 10 million hits. More than ten international celebrities including Grammy-winning jazz guitarist Larry Carlton, "Pop Music Queen" Na Ying from mainland China, Hong Kong's legendary singer George Lam, globally-renown pianist Wu Muye, R&B singer-songwriter Ashanti, among others, presented a music feast with remarkable international flavors. Combining showcase performances with proprietary tech tools, the event was equally memorable for moving vocals and masterful instrumentals as well as its sheer technological reach. While the performers took center stage, investors saw yet another emergence of the future's star economy of educational and entertaining content-sharing. Color Star is not only in the business of online concert promotions, it is a technology-driven company set to break past the boundaries between celebrity entertainment and online knowledge-sharing. On its signature platform, Color World, international artists and celebrities have been assembled to produce content that extends beyond a show and more so a variety of courses. More than 40 industry leaders have transitioned from celebrities to celebrity tutors—with the service granting fans access built around mentorship, not just viewership. The courses include music and instruments, film and television, traditional and modern art, and sports, etc. Through the app, developed by its subsidiary Color China, Color World is targeting a broader international market, having already covered more than 30 cities in 5 countries. With the continuous expansion and enrichment of the celebrity tutor library, the platform looks to become an integral part of the lifestyle and culture of its community—notably at its core is the self-improvement phenomenon that rose out of pandemic lockdowns. Color Star Technologies finds itself in step with users that want to connect with others, particularly those they look up to, while never leaving the comfort and peace of mind found at home. Chinese Edition released on September 10, 2020


Color Star Technology Announces the Program List of the "Fearless, Color World" Cloud Concert

NEW YORK, 09/07/2020 Admin

The "Fearless, Color World” online Concert hosted by Color Star Technology (NASDAQ: HHT) will be officially released on the Color Star Technology website on September 9, 9pm EST. ( Gathering 11 top superstars from home and abroad, this online music feast has attracted attention from the very beginning and quickly spread widely in major media and idol groups. Therefore, many fans are very concerned about the performance time of their idols. Today, the editor will provide the first-hand performance schedule and artist lineup, so please tune in!


Color Star Technology, is an entertainment and education company whose primary business offers both online and offline innovative music education. The core content of "star online + entertainment teaching" offers the largest variety of stars and a rich entertainment teaching experience. By registering online, you can select your favorite tutors to conduct accurate and efficient learning. Color Star delivers a world-class online entertainment learning experience.

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Our mission is to offer students with the most professional artists training.


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The company has its own Asia's top music festival brand "Color International Music Festival", and the company and its partners hold more than 150 star concerts every year.


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The headquarter is located in Hong Kong, with branches in Beijing, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shandong, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, and other places.


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The average class duration is more than 40 minutes.


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We provide more than 6 different class categories, covering all aspects of entertainment. music film performance music production script creation lyric professional sound engineer courses